HOT SAUCE: Assembly featuring Knowing Looks (musique-risquée) by Shingo Shimizu

Currently wrapping things up with art direction duties on Issue #2 of Scion magazine. Very exciting stuff. Don't want to say anything yet, until it's gone to press. So for now, I'll say it's been very exciting so far, and we've definitely outdid Issue #1. Very much looking forward to the final product. Should be out in a few weeks' time, so definitely check back to see where you can pick it up!

Also working on a collaboration piece with photographer Jalani Morgan, for the upcoming Contact festival.

Almost forgot, I'm also DJing this Saturday March 12 at Tequila Bookworm (512 Queen St. W, upstairs). If you're in the area, come by and say hello!.


HOT SAUCE heats up the dancefloor with another ASSEMBLY party!

+ live PA by special guest:
KNOWING LOOKS (Musique Risquee, Grain Records)
+ alongside your resident purveyors of fine electronic music:
DJ Shingo

+ visuals by guest VJs:

+ no cover before 11:00pm / $5 after

This time, we feature Knowing Looks, the moniker of one Jason Hopfner, a singular, outlandish laptop artist. Originally from the wilds of the Canadian prairies, he now resides in Toronto after stints in Europe and the Middle East. Knowing Looks is a tribute to all the music that plays incessantly and simultaneously in Jason's head, and finding a way to refine that into something the rest of the world can move to. If you could mix the mids and treble of Lite FM and 70's fusion with the lows of detroit/german minimalism, filter it through a case of ADD and present it without irony, it would either sound like shit, or like Knowing Looks. In addition to co-running the Grain Records label and releasing vinyl through Montreal's Musique Risquee (home of Akufen, The Mole, Bruno Pronsanto, Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts, etc.), Knowing Looks is currently preparing a brand new live laptop set to unleash on the public. His new 10” single on WNCL Recordings is already turning heads in the UK and receiving support from the likes of Pariah (R&S), Blawan (Hessle Audio), Martin Kemp (Blunted Robots), and 2562 (Tectonic).

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HOT SAUCE 2.0 mini mix by Shingo Shimizu


To comemorate the launch of the new home of our music blog: HotSauce, we threw down a party last Friday. It was pretty packed tight that night. Thank you to all those who made it, despite the cold dense foggy weather that night! Passing by Trinity Bellwoods park, it looked like some serious ghost action going down. Blurred lights and shadows. (Spooky!) Check out some of the photos here on FB. Big thank yous go out to Ted P for our new site, and A-Lo for the awesome visuals!

My mini mix is a pretty tightly packed 28 minute mix, as we gave out CDs with all three of our mixes (missruckus', urbansteve's and mine) on it. I've kept it pretty lean, but made it as fun as possible at the same time. Let me know what you think! Enjoy.



Memories (Jake Slazenger Remix) – Oriol (Planet Mu)
Gold (John Roberts remix) – Darkstar (Hyperdub)
Sun Child – Cobblestone Jazz (!K7 records/d)
Moderation Is Fatal – Shetland (Apnea)
Dis Boy (DVA’s Hi Emotions Remix) – Cooly G (DVA Music)
Pushin’ – Duncan Powell (2nd Drop Music)
Phreqaflex (Original Mix) – Faltydl (Planet Mu)
ILove04 – Kidkut (Apple Pips)
Booty Slammer – Velour (Night Slugs)
Traumatic Times – LD (Hyperdub)

Limited Edition Hot Sauce Posters & CD Giveaway! by Shingo Shimizu

So some of you may know, that I will be throwing a party with my Hot Sauce crew (We're not hardcore connoisseurs of the sauce). For about a year and a half or so, we've been running a music blog about our favourites in the electronic music scene. Obviously we all do it just out of the love for the music and want to share it with you.

We are finally set to launch a 'Hotsauce 2.0' version of the blog. It will feature much more content than before: artist interviews, reviews, videos, our DJ mixes, and exclusive guest DJ mixes. To commemorate this, please join us as we throw down HOT SAUCE 2.0 LAUNCH PARTY at Tequia Bookworm Friday November 12, 2010! Come early for free giveaways!



Tequila Bookworm (upstairs!)
512 Queen St. West (map)

DJ Shingo (listen)
MissRuckus (listen)
urbansteve (listen)

Free Giveaway!
First 27 people in will receive:
1. NEW HOTSAUCE MIX CD! (this was a lot of fun to record)
2. LIMITED EDITION PRINTS (11 x 17")! Only 9 copies of 3 different prints available. (see below) 

Drink Special!
If you were one of the lucky people who got one of the Hot Sauce buttons (see below) from Tequila, Slinky Music, or Magic Pony, then you'll get $4 shots all night!


Hope to see you all there!


NEW: Hot Sauce #3 mix! by Shingo Shimizu

I know it's been a long time for this next installment. There's just so much great music out at the moment, it was very difficult to narrow down for mix #3. So whatever didn't make it for this one, will definitely be on #4. I've also got some dark weird stuff set aside (cuz I have weird taste), so...maybe I'll wait till I get all the fun stuff out of the way. In the future, I was thinking maybe leaning towards more themed mixes: an 'all house', 'boogie' mix or 'rock mix' for example. Anyhow, this time around in classic Hot Sauce fashion, I've managed to get in a bit of everything: some boogie, a bit of house, some funky, and a whole lotta dubstep. The latter of which isn't being played enough in Toronto. Let me know what you think! Tracklisting coming soon (just Shazam it! j/k). Enjoy.



Review: Diskjokke – En Fin Tid review by Shingo Shimizu

Our first encounter with the sounds of Joachim Dyrdahl (aka Diskjokke) was his brilliant breezy disco injection to Lykke Li’s “Everybody But Me”, then later with another impressive remix for the xx’s “Basic Space”. Dyrdahl, much like his Norwegians counterparts Prins Thomas and Lindstrom, keeps disco interesting by exploring new avenues, while still retaining a style very much his own.

His second album, En Fin Tid (“A Happy Time” in Norwegian) on Smalltown Supersound, is a brilliant space opera soundtrack. Weaving inspirations of Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream and Arthur Russell throughout his spacesuit, Dyrdahl creates cosmic sounds that are incredibly full and vibrant, pushing it further with tinges of Italo and afro here and there.

Stroll into zero gravity with its lush openers ...more >>


Review: Tiga – Gentle Giant remixes review by Shingo Shimizu


My new review for Tiga's "Gentle Giant" remixes EP is out at Juno. 


Tiga’s sophomore album Ciao! already boasts impressive names on writing and production duties with the likes of Soulwax, Gonzales, Beck and James Murphy. The latter co-wrote and produced the sincere original “Gentle Giant”, sounding reminiscent of the Pet Shop Boys or even more so, Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love”. On this remix EP, three more amazing producers are brought together, each offering very unique reinterpretations.

Loving the first entry by the ever-evolving Dutch producer, Martyn. Pursuing either techno, dubstep, garage, or house, he is always fusing many influences, which making his music harder to categorize with every new release. It also makes his music more interesting with every listen. more>>


Hot Sauce #2 mix by Shingo Shimizu


I finally came around to putting together another short mix with a little bit of everything. It's sort of different this time around than my usual stuff, because I incorporated some Dubstep. I never considered myself as a 'house head' even though I usually play mostly house. Lately there's been a such a huge surge in musical creativity that it can't be ignored! So I had to incorporate some of those new directions in music that I find pretty exciting, into this mix. Also I couldn't resist tacking on a very 90s breaks-sounding by one of my favourite Dubstep artists, Zomby at the end. It's a bit rough around the edges, as Dubstep is pretty different from House. Anyhow, download it and hit the PLAY button. Let me know what you think! Enjoy.



HOT SAUCE #2 MIX by DJ SHINGO (Recorded 06.09.2010)

Tron (VIP mix) - Joker                                  
Basic Space (diskJokke Remix) - The xx                                  
Price Tag (Original Mix) - MyMy, Emika                             
Your Words Matter (Original Mix) -  Midland, Ramadanman                     
Funky Bit -  Doc Daneeka                             
Raaatid Einstein - Altered Natives                         
The Only Way Up (Ikonika Remix) - Egyptrixx                               
Shadowlands (Season & Sygaire Remix) - Two Banks of Four
The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow (Original Mix) - Joy Orbison
Daniel (Duke Dumont Remix) - Bat For Lashes                          
Who's There (Doorly Remix) - Riton                                   
Where Were U in '92? (Original Mix) - Zomby                                   



Juno Review: Thomas Hamman & Gerd Janson – Live at Robert Johnson Volume 4 by Shingo Shimizu

Artist: Thomas Hamman & Gerd Janson
Title: Live at Robert Johnson Volume 4
Label: Live At Robert Johnson Germany
Genre: Disco/Nu-Disco
Format: CD
Buy From: Juno Records

The powerhouse duo, behind the Liquid club nights at Frankfurt’s Robert Johnson, Thomas Hamman and Running Back label honcho Gerd Janson, are the latest to take the reigns on the club’s fourth release. With its impressive selection and solid mixing, it’s like being on a journey through the 90s.

The first few tracks provide a nice starter to warm up the ears, taking us out deeper into space with Lontano’s sublime “Lovebass”. It’s where the fourth track “W.B.W.U.” kicks in, where it would really whip hips on the dance floor. It is just sequenced so beautifully, from the infectious kicks and snares, build-ups, the abrupt pause, and the drop. Amazing…(more)


Hot Sauce #1 mix (Just the Tip) by DJ Shingo by Shingo Shimizu


I finally got around to doing a mix! This is the last mix in our ‘Just the Tip’ series. I was supposed to keep it at 30 minutes, but I went further with 51 minutes. It’s a bit difficult to include all types of music that I’m into one short mix of course. Regardless I’ve kept it pretty much on the fun side of things, with tracks that I instantly loved. (ie: Dam Funk, Apiento Edit of Sade’s ‘Paradise’, NSI, etc.). By the way, anybody going to catch the Dam Funk show at the Drake Underground tonight? Haven’t seen him perform yet…or is it a DJ set? Not crazy about the venue, but Dammmmmm Funk! (somebody bring me a coffee). Hopefully see you there!

Anyhow, back to this mix… it’s pretty laid back and chill for the first 2/3 then kicks in the last 1/3. You can download it below. Enjoy!


HOTSAUCE #1 MIX (Just the Tip) by DJ SHINGO (Recorded 02.28.2010)

Love Is here 2nite (I Can Feel It) – Dam Funk (Stones Throw)
Paradise (Apiento Edit) – Sade
The Delivery Man – Smith & Mudd (Claremont 56)
Skippy’s Down The Well – AAA presents Sgt Lovebody (Your Disco Needs You!)
Burn Straight Thru U – Dam Funk (Stones Throw)
Falling – I:Cube (Versatile France)
You’ll Disappear – The Phenomenal Handclap Band (Gomma Germany)
David Hassell (Original Mix) – NSI. (Cadenza)
Serenity (Soundstream’s Dusty Machines Mix) – Prosumer, Murat Tepeli (Ostgut Ton)
Mederico – Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts (Oslo)
Simple Things / Work It Out (Todd Terje Version) – Shit Robot (DFA)
Spaghetti Circus – Still Going (DFA)

Control by Shingo Shimizu






>>> UNIT BAR <<<
1198 Queen St. W, Toronto


DJ SHINGO returning to UNIT BAR!

Playing anything from future jazz to cosmic disco to classic house to deep house to deep & dirty detroit to minimal dub techno to dubstep…


The Return of Hot Sauce: Tabasco Beats. by Shingo Shimizu



DECEMBER 12, 2009

HOTSAUCE: Tabasco Beats


>>> UNIT BAR <<<
1198 Queen St. W, Toronto


It's been quite a long time since we last played out. There's been so much great music being released these days, that we can no longer ignore the temptation to DJ once again. (Not that we quit.) I usually keep music news and thoughts to my HOTSAUCE blog, but I'll still drop announcements here for events. As with 99% of my flyers and posters for my events it's my original work. This time around I've dropped the G.I. Joe motifs (totally random I know), and went for a more retro typographic approach (more fitting). Let me know what you think!