NEW: Hot Sauce #3 mix! / by Shingo Shimizu

I know it's been a long time for this next installment. There's just so much great music out at the moment, it was very difficult to narrow down for mix #3. So whatever didn't make it for this one, will definitely be on #4. I've also got some dark weird stuff set aside (cuz I have weird taste), so...maybe I'll wait till I get all the fun stuff out of the way. In the future, I was thinking maybe leaning towards more themed mixes: an 'all house', 'boogie' mix or 'rock mix' for example. Anyhow, this time around in classic Hot Sauce fashion, I've managed to get in a bit of everything: some boogie, a bit of house, some funky, and a whole lotta dubstep. The latter of which isn't being played enough in Toronto. Let me know what you think! Tracklisting coming soon (just Shazam it! j/k). Enjoy.