Musique Risquée

HOT SAUCE: Assembly featuring Knowing Looks (musique-risquée) by Shingo Shimizu

Currently wrapping things up with art direction duties on Issue #2 of Scion magazine. Very exciting stuff. Don't want to say anything yet, until it's gone to press. So for now, I'll say it's been very exciting so far, and we've definitely outdid Issue #1. Very much looking forward to the final product. Should be out in a few weeks' time, so definitely check back to see where you can pick it up!

Also working on a collaboration piece with photographer Jalani Morgan, for the upcoming Contact festival.

Almost forgot, I'm also DJing this Saturday March 12 at Tequila Bookworm (512 Queen St. W, upstairs). If you're in the area, come by and say hello!.


HOT SAUCE heats up the dancefloor with another ASSEMBLY party!

+ live PA by special guest:
KNOWING LOOKS (Musique Risquee, Grain Records)
+ alongside your resident purveyors of fine electronic music:
DJ Shingo

+ visuals by guest VJs:

+ no cover before 11:00pm / $5 after

This time, we feature Knowing Looks, the moniker of one Jason Hopfner, a singular, outlandish laptop artist. Originally from the wilds of the Canadian prairies, he now resides in Toronto after stints in Europe and the Middle East. Knowing Looks is a tribute to all the music that plays incessantly and simultaneously in Jason's head, and finding a way to refine that into something the rest of the world can move to. If you could mix the mids and treble of Lite FM and 70's fusion with the lows of detroit/german minimalism, filter it through a case of ADD and present it without irony, it would either sound like shit, or like Knowing Looks. In addition to co-running the Grain Records label and releasing vinyl through Montreal's Musique Risquee (home of Akufen, The Mole, Bruno Pronsanto, Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts, etc.), Knowing Looks is currently preparing a brand new live laptop set to unleash on the public. His new 10” single on WNCL Recordings is already turning heads in the UK and receiving support from the likes of Pariah (R&S), Blawan (Hessle Audio), Martin Kemp (Blunted Robots), and 2562 (Tectonic).

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