Hot Sauce #2 mix / by Shingo Shimizu


I finally came around to putting together another short mix with a little bit of everything. It's sort of different this time around than my usual stuff, because I incorporated some Dubstep. I never considered myself as a 'house head' even though I usually play mostly house. Lately there's been a such a huge surge in musical creativity that it can't be ignored! So I had to incorporate some of those new directions in music that I find pretty exciting, into this mix. Also I couldn't resist tacking on a very 90s breaks-sounding by one of my favourite Dubstep artists, Zomby at the end. It's a bit rough around the edges, as Dubstep is pretty different from House. Anyhow, download it and hit the PLAY button. Let me know what you think! Enjoy.



HOT SAUCE #2 MIX by DJ SHINGO (Recorded 06.09.2010)

Tron (VIP mix) - Joker                                  
Basic Space (diskJokke Remix) - The xx                                  
Price Tag (Original Mix) - MyMy, Emika                             
Your Words Matter (Original Mix) -  Midland, Ramadanman                     
Funky Bit -  Doc Daneeka                             
Raaatid Einstein - Altered Natives                         
The Only Way Up (Ikonika Remix) - Egyptrixx                               
Shadowlands (Season & Sygaire Remix) - Two Banks of Four
The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow (Original Mix) - Joy Orbison
Daniel (Duke Dumont Remix) - Bat For Lashes                          
Who's There (Doorly Remix) - Riton                                   
Where Were U in '92? (Original Mix) - Zomby