Scion Magazine Issue 3 Teaser Trailer is Here! by Shingo Shimizu

Ever wondered what it takes to make a magazine? More than just some fancy software. Check out the work and commitment behind the development of Scion Magazine issue 3. From tuner to maple syrup and everything in between, Scion Magazine has it all. Video by by Motion Pantry

View it online or grab a copy from your local Scion dealer or at Scion events nation wide. We've got some exclusive stickers just for you.

> Download magazine


ps: Can you spot moi? Can you guess which Scion car is in it?


Check the Scion Teaser Trailer in HD from Motion Pantry on Vimeo.



Graphics for Three Thirds Bags by Shingo Shimizu

Three Thirds Bags approached me to design a few graphics for their laptop sleeve cases for them a while ago. You may not have heard of them yet. They're a bit under the radar at the moment. But I'm sure they'll blow up soon, as their laptop bags are amazing. My Gravis bag is looking pretty's definitely time I get a new bag. Anyhow take a look at their products here!

The first design I did has a random font look, and the second one was inspired by pinball graphics. Both are featured in their promo video (below). Check it out!


'Pinball' Notebook sleeve.

Video directed by Daravong Thongsavath.



Awesome Little Dragon video. by Shingo Shimizu


So those who don't really know me yet, Little Dragon is one of my favourite bands out there. I just discovered that the father of Yukimi Nagano (the awesome vocalist in the awesome band), also is very talented as an Illustrator. His name is Yusuke Nagano, and he made this brilliant video. Check it out here!

By way I just finished my Intro classes for Flash and After Effects at OCAD...but man, I wonder when I'll be able to create something like this. Can't wait!