Yeti Becomes a Lovable Sasquatch: the Transformation by Shingo Shimizu

For Scion magazine's cover, we wanted a photo of a Sasquatch, with illustration done around it. If you ever try googling 'Sasquatch costume', all you'll get are some pretty lame costumes. We envisioned a character that was friendly, and pretty harmless. Kind of like someone you'd want to party with. In other words, we had to make it from scratch. Well almost from scratch.

I was luckily able to find a used Yeti costume through a friend. After deciding on the overall look of our Sasquatch, figuring out how to make it was another matter...

Especially transforming a scary Yeti, into a lovable Sasquatch!

What do you think of it?



 Photo by Jalani Morgan, Model: Kimberly Yun


Awesome Little Dragon video. by Shingo Shimizu


So those who don't really know me yet, Little Dragon is one of my favourite bands out there. I just discovered that the father of Yukimi Nagano (the awesome vocalist in the awesome band), also is very talented as an Illustrator. His name is Yusuke Nagano, and he made this brilliant video. Check it out here!

By way I just finished my Intro classes for Flash and After Effects at OCAD...but man, I wonder when I'll be able to create something like this. Can't wait!


The Fate of Abra-Cat-Abra. by Shingo Shimizu

So as you may know, my T-shirt submission for Threadless, which was entered into it's 7-day voting thing, has ended. Thank you to all those who voted for me! Thank you for the high fives!

On the flipside, I got a lot of votes, but not a great score. Feeling a little disappointed. (Love that graphic!). I won't know officially until after around two weeks or so. We'll just have to see... fingers crossed!