Yeti Becomes a Lovable Sasquatch: the Transformation / by Shingo Shimizu

For Scion magazine's cover, we wanted a photo of a Sasquatch, with illustration done around it. If you ever try googling 'Sasquatch costume', all you'll get are some pretty lame costumes. We envisioned a character that was friendly, and pretty harmless. Kind of like someone you'd want to party with. In other words, we had to make it from scratch. Well almost from scratch.

I was luckily able to find a used Yeti costume through a friend. After deciding on the overall look of our Sasquatch, figuring out how to make it was another matter...

Especially transforming a scary Yeti, into a lovable Sasquatch!

What do you think of it?



 Photo by Jalani Morgan, Model: Kimberly Yun