Yeti Becomes a Lovable Sasquatch: the Transformation by Shingo Shimizu

For Scion magazine's cover, we wanted a photo of a Sasquatch, with illustration done around it. If you ever try googling 'Sasquatch costume', all you'll get are some pretty lame costumes. We envisioned a character that was friendly, and pretty harmless. Kind of like someone you'd want to party with. In other words, we had to make it from scratch. Well almost from scratch.

I was luckily able to find a used Yeti costume through a friend. After deciding on the overall look of our Sasquatch, figuring out how to make it was another matter...

Especially transforming a scary Yeti, into a lovable Sasquatch!

What do you think of it?



 Photo by Jalani Morgan, Model: Kimberly Yun


Scion Canada Lifestyle Magazine Issue #2! by Shingo Shimizu

Another great experience, art directing on this sophomore issue of Scion magazine. Would like to send a big thank you to my chief editor (Lisa Marie Chen), and talented team of photographers, writers, and designers. Also a big shout out goes to Kimmy Yun for being a huge help with building the lovable Sasquatch costume, and Jack Ngan for advice on building it. (Will upload photos on building that soon.)

Yes we have a Sasquatch in this issue. Not only that, we feature: amazing Scion creations by Troy Sumitomo's Five Axis, an article on professional driver Kenshiro Gushi, some SEMA coverage, a Scion xB customizable paper car pull-out, and trying out some yummy poutine. Hungry?

Check out the cover and a few spreads from Issue #2 below of Scion Canada Lifestyle magazine. Scroll down for the download link from the Scion site, and a direct download link for the xB car template. Don't forget to have your go at customizing your very own Scion xB!



DOWNLOAD full version of Scion Issue #2 (PDF) here!

DOWNLOAD template for paper Scion xB here!

SEE how the Sasquatch was made!