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Scion Magazine - Issue 5 (the Storytelling Issue) by Shingo Shimizu

Scion Magazine Issue 5 (the Storytelling issue) continues in the same format as issue #4: 48 page magazine at 10.25" x 14.5", printed on the matte recycled stock.

This is definitely my favourite of the covers for the magazine. Not only is it very different from what we've produced thus far, it's our first photographed cover (issue 3 only the cars were photographed, so that doesn't count). It also probably looks the simplest, but it wasn't! There was so much prep work beforehand in painstakingly designing and building the covers (which would not have been possible without our fab interns Olivia Truong and Ilona Fiddy), and then beautifully photographed by Andrew B. Myers. Also thanks to Lisa Marie Chen, my partner in crime on every issue, the Editor-in-Chief.

The textures and patterns are a combination of papers from 'the Paper Place' on Queen West in Toronto (I could totally just spend the day here...), as well as our own designs. The book spine designs reflect each of the stories in the magazine, as it works as a Table of Contents page as well. The challenge I face is always the bilingual factor, (as it is a Canadian magazine) with an English and French version. The type was added in post. To bring in 'car content' we put the 'Scion Book' on the front cover, reveals that it's Scion coffee table book on the back cover, with a Scion tC on its cover. 


Sold Out Show @ La_Carnita by Shingo Shimizu

photo by Stephen Ho

Sold out show this afternoon @la_carnita today! Can't believe I had beef cheeks, blue berries and bone marrow in a taco. Insane! May slip in a food coma soon.


Thank you to all those who made it today making it an amazing afternoon! Especially those who waited in line, and were stuck outside under the blistering sun. Thank you for your support and patience! Good thing that they were giving out free water bottles at outside of Totem Fitness next door. What a great turn out! I remember seeing the line up go out on the street, right up to Brassaii restaurant (on King West).

I also want to thank Amin Todai and Andrew Richmond for letting me do this. It was great to meet the amazing team at One Method Inc. and the volunteers as well. Hope to see you soon. I'd like to also thank Clay @ Spoke, for inviting me out to the first taco session!

For those of you who weren't able to make it today, not to worry. It will happen again soon with another artist and another super chef. Sign up for the newsletter (right column) for updates!

Until the next one event, stay cool Toronto. Oh, and more photos to come, so stay tuned!

ps: did anybody catch the CBC coverage on the event broadcasted at 5pm today?



Progress: Art for La Carnita pt. 1 by Shingo Shimizu

Something I just finished for this upcoming Thursday (LUNCH TIME) @la_carnita!

It's my first 'dia de los muertos' - styled skull. Lots of fun!

It will be available as limited prints (only 150), with 3 of the most delicious tacos you've ever eaten.

Hope to see you this Thursday! Arrive early.



More info here>

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CONTACT: Group Art Show! @JalaniMorgan x @Shingo_Shimizu by Shingo Shimizu


I paired up with Toronto Photographer Jalani Morgan to develop an innovative installation that blurs the distinction between 2 and 3-Dimensional art. Bringing my 'usual' sensibility fused with Morgan’s fashion portraiture, we manipulated our complimentary elements into intricate puzzle-like layers of fine acrylic cuts.

Check out our exhibit as part of Scotiabank’s CONTACT Photography Festival at 99 Sudbury, May 6, 7-11pm.

The exhibit also features the works of Photographers/Artists – Steve Carty, Che Kothari, Javier Lovera, Scott McIntyre, Simon Rojas, Cory Vanderploeg, Elicser and Skam.

*COME EARLY to avoid disappointment at the door. Hope to see you there!


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Interview by Hermann & Audrey by Shingo Shimizu

Photography by Jalani MorganPhotographers much like Illustrators, make people look much better than they do. I don't think I'm photogenic. To be honest, I'm pretty squeamish when having my photo taken on a set. But I have a lot of respect for photographers. Unlike, us illustrators who may need a couple days to capture a moment, they do it almost instantly. They also have to be able to direct people, so their subject feel comfortable in front of the camera. Pretty cool. Oh and they can make a raccoon look human.

I rolled onto the set that day, pulling an all-nighter, because of some crazy deadlines. Despite the sleepy raccoon situation, my mood was happy because of the great company on set: Kimberley Yun, Willie Tsang and of course Jalani Morgan.

I had the opportunity to meet the talented photographer from the Hermann & Audrey collective, and kept in touch ever since. Thank you for the interview Jalani!

Read the interview


NEW! T-Shirt section is up! by Shingo Shimizu

Finally I've got around to compiling T-shirt designs I did over the last few years. It really takes a long time to compile, and it is adding a bit of weight to the site. Got to trim down the fat some time soon! Anyhow, please take a look, and let me know what you think! I will be posting some of my artwork onto T-shirts probably sometime in the near future, so check back soon. :)

Check it!