cover art

Scion Magazine - Issue 5 (the Storytelling Issue) by Shingo Shimizu

Scion Magazine Issue 5 (the Storytelling issue) continues in the same format as issue #4: 48 page magazine at 10.25" x 14.5", printed on the matte recycled stock.

This is definitely my favourite of the covers for the magazine. Not only is it very different from what we've produced thus far, it's our first photographed cover (issue 3 only the cars were photographed, so that doesn't count). It also probably looks the simplest, but it wasn't! There was so much prep work beforehand in painstakingly designing and building the covers (which would not have been possible without our fab interns Olivia Truong and Ilona Fiddy), and then beautifully photographed by Andrew B. Myers. Also thanks to Lisa Marie Chen, my partner in crime on every issue, the Editor-in-Chief.

The textures and patterns are a combination of papers from 'the Paper Place' on Queen West in Toronto (I could totally just spend the day here...), as well as our own designs. The book spine designs reflect each of the stories in the magazine, as it works as a Table of Contents page as well. The challenge I face is always the bilingual factor, (as it is a Canadian magazine) with an English and French version. The type was added in post. To bring in 'car content' we put the 'Scion Book' on the front cover, reveals that it's Scion coffee table book on the back cover, with a Scion tC on its cover. 


Cover Art For New Puzzle EP by Shingo Shimizu

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a great holiday. :)

I know I did over on the west coast, finally getting into snowboarding. Now where to go boarding after Whistler, when you live in Toronto? hmmm.

Being fully relaxed over the holidays, it's nice hit the grind again. Is it me, or is 2011 moving VERY FAST? That being said, there are lots of interesting projects on the horizon. Almost finishing a series off with my photographer friend, Jalani Morgan. So check back soon!

The illustration above was slightly reappropriated from "Full Circle" for Puzzle's new EP, "Polysnacks". You can listen and purchase the EP here.