NEW! T-Shirt section is up! by Shingo Shimizu

Finally I've got around to compiling T-shirt designs I did over the last few years. It really takes a long time to compile, and it is adding a bit of weight to the site. Got to trim down the fat some time soon! Anyhow, please take a look, and let me know what you think! I will be posting some of my artwork onto T-shirts probably sometime in the near future, so check back soon. :)

Check it!


Bunny and Panda. by Shingo Shimizu

I've uploaded some sketches for some recent T-shirts I did for Bluenotes. I'll upload photos of the shirts once they come out. 

On a different note, musically I've been really feeling the cosmic disco stuff lately. Check out the new mix by Pocketknife & Cousin Cole called 'Tambourine Dream'. It's insane! Highly recommend to all the Indie music lovers out there. And if you don't like Indie, then it may open you up to it. Amongst the many highlights in it, my favorite is definitely Joanna Newsom's 'The Book Of Right On' (Pocketknife's Scowling Owl Remix)'. Hit Play. It's awesome.