Art Show

She Was Born Into Vengeance by Shingo Shimizu

I'm sure everybody has seen the movie: 'Kill Bill vol.1' by Quentin Tarantino. Lucy Liu's character borrows quite a lot from a character in a 1973 Japanese film called 'Lady Snowblood', starring Kaji Meiko. She also sings the theme song, which is also used for the final battle scene between Lucy Liu and Uma Thurman in 'Kill Bill'. If you don't know it, take a look here. Similarities are all over the place! Such a fun film.

Anyhow, this main character became the theme for my submission for the DOS group show. If you haven't seen what I did last year, take a look here. This time around, I attempted another mash up of cultures with the 'Dia de los Muertos' theme with Japanese Samurai Cinema. I wanted to keep it dark, but unlike last year, I wanted it to be badass.

I've got some 18x24" (out of 100) available for sale (DOS Show) as well as one giant 24x36" framed print! Of course if you're interested, let me know.

1 of 1. 24" x 36" print framed


Limited Giclee prints of 100. 18" x 27" photo by Society Vernacular


Limited Giclee prints of 100. 18" x 27" photo by Morris Lum

All the works will be up at #Hashtag Gallery, until August 6! 


Come by for drinks, art, and shoulder-rubbing with the best of Toronto's art scene. Hope to see you there!

DOS: In the Works by Shingo Shimizu

Just getting ready for an upcoming group art show DOS this Friday July 19 @ Evergreen Brick Works. Tacos will be provided by La Carnita and Big Star (Chicago), with music by Dj Platurn and Grandtheft. Pretty excited as my friends: Jacqui Oakley, Jamie Lawson and Carson Ting will be in it as well! Don't forget to buy tickets in advance and arrive early! Hope to see you all there.


Live drawing on EcoCabs! by Shingo Shimizu

Join me at Yonge & Dundas Square (in Toronto) on May 10th as of 10am to witness my Claritin EcoCab design (two cabs), in support of the launch of the Pedal for a Greener City campaign.

If you're in the area, come by and say hello. (I'll be here: 10 am - 3:30 pm) Don't bring me beers please. Maybe after ;)

(below) Figuring out what to draw tomorrow...with my 2 given themes.

@La_carnita #UNO #Artshow Submission Complete by Shingo Shimizu

So I just finished signing my 18" x 24" giclee prints (will be sold at the UNO show on friday) and dropped them off at @La_Carnita!!!

YES, you heard right. New prints will finally be available, printed with the highest quality using Epson Stylus Pro 9900 (scroll down below for more info on Epson Technology) on Epson Matte paper.

Relaxing now eating a grilled chicken bahn mi sandwich from Bahn Mi Boys, and an americano from Sense Appeal. It is a good day today. 


ps: thanks to Richardson DX for the photos!


Could that be the new issue of Scion Magazine Issue 3???


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New Group Show Announcement! by Shingo Shimizu

I am happy to announce that I will be part of a new group art show (by La Carnita and HXfour) on Friday April 13th in Toronto, at the Evergreen Brickworks.

I am so excited to be included with such an awesome group of artists: Mike GiantSam Flores, Greg Lamarche, Hydro 74Johnny CrapDubelyooAbe Lincoln JrMisk,DoublenautDave GlantzMatt BarnesShingo ShimizuRcadeVlad HatoBryan EspirituTavis Coburn, Amber J, Angie Fey, Brian Mendoza, Matt Darling and of course the super duper Ms. Jacqui Oakley! Music by: Mastermind & DJ X (remember their mixtapes from back in the day?), Fathom and Don Valley.

There will be prints for sale, as well as lots of delicious tacos to be eaten! So please do arrive early with empty stomachs.

Sold Out Show @ La_Carnita by Shingo Shimizu

photo by Stephen Ho

Sold out show this afternoon @la_carnita today! Can't believe I had beef cheeks, blue berries and bone marrow in a taco. Insane! May slip in a food coma soon.


Thank you to all those who made it today making it an amazing afternoon! Especially those who waited in line, and were stuck outside under the blistering sun. Thank you for your support and patience! Good thing that they were giving out free water bottles at outside of Totem Fitness next door. What a great turn out! I remember seeing the line up go out on the street, right up to Brassaii restaurant (on King West).

I also want to thank Amin Todai and Andrew Richmond for letting me do this. It was great to meet the amazing team at One Method Inc. and the volunteers as well. Hope to see you soon. I'd like to also thank Clay @ Spoke, for inviting me out to the first taco session!

For those of you who weren't able to make it today, not to worry. It will happen again soon with another artist and another super chef. Sign up for the newsletter (right column) for updates!

Until the next one event, stay cool Toronto. Oh, and more photos to come, so stay tuned!

ps: did anybody catch the CBC coverage on the event broadcasted at 5pm today?



Progress: Art for La Carnita pt. 1 by Shingo Shimizu

Something I just finished for this upcoming Thursday (LUNCH TIME) @la_carnita!

It's my first 'dia de los muertos' - styled skull. Lots of fun!

It will be available as limited prints (only 150), with 3 of the most delicious tacos you've ever eaten.

Hope to see you this Thursday! Arrive early.



More info here>

Read the article in Toronto Life magazine >


New Art @ La Carnita / One Method Inc. by Shingo Shimizu


THURSDAY JULY 21, 2011 - 12PM


@ One Method Inc.

445 King St. West, Suite 201

Last thursday I stopped by the new office of One Method Inc., for the launch of 'La Carnita'. For the price of $10, it gets you a very cool limited edition artwork and 3 gourmet tacos (the best I've had). Every session there will be a different artist offering artwork. What a steal! So for the next lunch party, I will be offering a piece of art! :D

So if you're in the King & Spadina area at noon, definitely check it out. Arrive early! Last week I got stuck in traffic, and arrived at 12:45pm where there was already a huge line up. Admission was cut off just twenty people behind us. So again, arrive early!

Check out the photos below from last week's event. Their design team created the very nice logo and graphic.

btw, if you haven''t yet, come JOIN my artist FB page here!

Anyhow, Hope to see you there!



LAST CHANCE: Last Day of Hermann & Audrey Contact Show SUN. SEPT. 22 by Shingo Shimizu

photo by edgar wong baxter jr.

May has been such a crazy month. I participated in a Group Art Show opening for Contact 2011 with Jalani Morgan and Hermann & Audrey, Issue #2 of Scion Canada Magazine came out, working on a flurry of other projects. At the end of the month I will be DJing with the Hot Sauce crew, for a good cause. (more info>)

Regarding the Contact show with Jalani, I wanted to say thank you to the following volunteers who took time out from their busy schedules in assisting us with the build of our 2 pieces for the show. Some of them actually pulled all nighters with us. Jesse I know you've left for Alberta. Let me know when you come back I definitely owe you a few rounds!

Thank you:
Kimberly Yun
Kiyotaka Kamata
Yohei Asano
Javier Lovera

Simon Rojas
Jacquelyn West and Jason Eano (Hermann & Audrey)

HUGE thank yous also go out to Edgar and Adam at Toronto Laser Services for cutting all the acrylics for us, as well as advice on how to build it and most importantly how to mount these GIANT pieces. Please check out their site. They do pretty amazing stuff! 

PHOTOS from Opening Night!

Read what ThinkContra had to say!



Sadly, our CONTACT group art show (Hermann & Audrey) is coming to an end this Sunday, September 22nd. If you haven't seen it yet, it is definitely worth checking out, especially if you're in the Queen west area. Other artists in the show include: Steve Carty, Che Kothari, Javier Lovera, Scott McIntyre, Jalani Morgan, Simon Rojas, Cory Vanderploeg and Skam. I will have photos of all the behind-the-scenes footage in producing the work soon, but for now you can check it at our Tumblr page!

99 Sudbury Gallery

99 Sudbury St
Toronto, M6J 3S7

Thu – Fri 4 - 9pm
Sat 12 - 9pm
Sun 12 - 5pm

CONTACT: Group Art Show! @JalaniMorgan x @Shingo_Shimizu by Shingo Shimizu


I paired up with Toronto Photographer Jalani Morgan to develop an innovative installation that blurs the distinction between 2 and 3-Dimensional art. Bringing my 'usual' sensibility fused with Morgan’s fashion portraiture, we manipulated our complimentary elements into intricate puzzle-like layers of fine acrylic cuts.

Check out our exhibit as part of Scotiabank’s CONTACT Photography Festival at 99 Sudbury, May 6, 7-11pm.

The exhibit also features the works of Photographers/Artists – Steve Carty, Che Kothari, Javier Lovera, Scott McIntyre, Simon Rojas, Cory Vanderploeg, Elicser and Skam.

*COME EARLY to avoid disappointment at the door. Hope to see you there!


Follow me @Shingo_Shimizu and Shingo FB Page for updates!