LAST CHANCE: Last Day of Hermann & Audrey Contact Show SUN. SEPT. 22 / by Shingo Shimizu

photo by edgar wong baxter jr.

May has been such a crazy month. I participated in a Group Art Show opening for Contact 2011 with Jalani Morgan and Hermann & Audrey, Issue #2 of Scion Canada Magazine came out, working on a flurry of other projects. At the end of the month I will be DJing with the Hot Sauce crew, for a good cause. (more info>)

Regarding the Contact show with Jalani, I wanted to say thank you to the following volunteers who took time out from their busy schedules in assisting us with the build of our 2 pieces for the show. Some of them actually pulled all nighters with us. Jesse I know you've left for Alberta. Let me know when you come back I definitely owe you a few rounds!

Thank you:
Kimberly Yun
Kiyotaka Kamata
Yohei Asano
Javier Lovera

Simon Rojas
Jacquelyn West and Jason Eano (Hermann & Audrey)

HUGE thank yous also go out to Edgar and Adam at Toronto Laser Services for cutting all the acrylics for us, as well as advice on how to build it and most importantly how to mount these GIANT pieces. Please check out their site. They do pretty amazing stuff! 

PHOTOS from Opening Night!

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Sadly, our CONTACT group art show (Hermann & Audrey) is coming to an end this Sunday, September 22nd. If you haven't seen it yet, it is definitely worth checking out, especially if you're in the Queen west area. Other artists in the show include: Steve Carty, Che Kothari, Javier Lovera, Scott McIntyre, Jalani Morgan, Simon Rojas, Cory Vanderploeg and Skam. I will have photos of all the behind-the-scenes footage in producing the work soon, but for now you can check it at our Tumblr page!

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