New Print & New Shop by Shingo Shimizu


New Print

This ‘NISEKO DEEP (BluRay version)’ is one of my favourite pieces so far. I sort of got lost in thought working on it, as someday I would LOVE to go. Also it was pretty much like restoring a lo-fi piece and making it high def, just like a restoration artist. It’s quite fun.

I call it the BluRay version, simply because it was originally made for a width of 4”, and then I had requests for a much larger print version of it. In simple terms: ‘resolution’ doesn’t scale up nicely. This is roughly 4 x larger than the original size, so lots of details like: textures, details (snow, kimono, skis, adjustments, etc) had to be added in. The original illustration was featured in The Economist 1843 magazine (Feb / Mar 2018). Also this is a premium giclee print (or ‘fine art print’) on Strathmore Fine Art Paper, so the colours really pop with a really sharp image. Measurements are 18 x 24”. Signed and numbered edition of 100.


New Look

The Shop section got a slight facelift. Images now have ‘in situ’ images, as well as the artwork on its own. Looks more like a proper gallery now. Check it out.

Shingo's Boxing Week Sale! by Shingo Shimizu

Available now at the Inprnt Store.

DECEMBER 26-31, 2016 (until midnight)

Enter code: 'F9PHWVI'.

ALSO, you may have noticed that the SHOP tab, now has a drop down for two options: 1) Limited Prints, 2) Inprnt Shop.

After some consideration, I've decided to split up the shop into two options. Option 1, for limited prints and miscellaneous items (like stickers), and Option 2 for other classic prints for purchase (like the one above.) to be all handled by my Inprnt Shop. No worries, the promo code will work in both stores!

In the new year I'm hoping to produce more new art pieces for purchase (iphone/ipad cases, etc). So please keep coming back. Of course if you have any questions, please do let me know! 

Start to Finish. New Series of 12. by Shingo Shimizu

Hello, been a while!

I've been away with a full time position as a graphic designer. But now I'm back as an illustrator! There were a few projects I was able to work on, and will hopefully get around to it updating my site over the next month or so. Also to get the illustrator gears running again, I've cranked out this small series I call 'Start to Finish'.

These images were originally conceived as parts of a collage illustration for an article. I always found them so humorous, but thought it was a shame that they were so tiny and under developed. They had potential to be individual pieces, if they were given some love. So after leaving my full time job, I decided that this would be the first series I would work on as a personal project.

Also I've always thought that 'context' was such an interesting thing. I mean some images here are more obvious than others. But placing an image in a certain context, our minds connect the dots to give it new meaning. For example placing like placing a 'hello kitty' on some underwear, or some well known branding on a stack of condoms. It's no longer 'just sex'. It's become something more than that. 

Here they are as a series of 12, with more love (12 x 12").

Prints available for sale upon request.

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