New Print & New Shop by Shingo Shimizu


New Print

This ‘NISEKO DEEP (BluRay version)’ is one of my favourite pieces so far. I sort of got lost in thought working on it, as someday I would LOVE to go. Also it was pretty much like restoring a lo-fi piece and making it high def, just like a restoration artist. It’s quite fun.

I call it the BluRay version, simply because it was originally made for a width of 4”, and then I had requests for a much larger print version of it. In simple terms: ‘resolution’ doesn’t scale up nicely. This is roughly 4 x larger than the original size, so lots of details like: textures, details (snow, kimono, skis, adjustments, etc) had to be added in. The original illustration was featured in The Economist 1843 magazine (Feb / Mar 2018). Also this is a premium giclee print (or ‘fine art print’) on Strathmore Fine Art Paper, so the colours really pop with a really sharp image. Measurements are 18 x 24”. Signed and numbered edition of 100.


New Look

The Shop section got a slight facelift. Images now have ‘in situ’ images, as well as the artwork on its own. Looks more like a proper gallery now. Check it out.