Pearson Australia

2 New Pearson Covers! by Shingo Shimizu

Cover illustration for Pearson Australia's Science book.

Cover illustration for Pearson Australia's Math book.

Just finished off 2 new covers for Pearson Australia's Math and Science books. Just like the English cover, there were quite a few artists that did their own covers as well. Putting them all together like a puzzle, the outside covers would create a giant 'm' for math, 's' for science, and 'e' for english. So of course in order to do this, a portion of the cover is hidden. I'm guessing it's the full cover image somewhere on the inside of the book. Anyhow, designing the layout to work with the template was pretty challenging, but at the same time resulted in some fun compositions I think. Also, flexing my Photoshop skills a bit more this time was kind of fun, exploring a few new textures. Below are some roughs.



Middle of 's'

Left side of 'm'

3/4 alternative.