CBC MUSIC 94.1 FM / by Shingo Shimizu

Happy Friday! :)

I'll be updating every few days in the next little bit. I'm really behind in updating my website these days... (FIFA, Summer weather...) let's move on.

Here's my illustration for CBC’s morning radio show: ‘Mornings with Raina Douris’ on 94.1 FM in Toronto. The show airs Monday to Friday from 6 to 9am. 

Direction-wise: I decided to go mostly with morning imagery set to a uplifting beat, and a highly caffeinated triple shot of sunshine-y 80s. The only Toronto reference is the CN Tower...Sam the Record Man was taken...I suppose there are others...? No I don't think so. The donut headphones is definitely my favourite part!

Used as posters, billboards, and on TTC streetcars across the Toronto. Check it here!