Screen Printing! / by Shingo Shimizu

Just completed my last day of Screenprinting class at OpenStudio (401 Richmond building). I will not miss the paint stains, lower back pains, and toxic fumes. I will however definitely miss the super nice class mates that I met. Super talented bunch! Best part was to get each artist's print at the end of class. Hope to see the everyone from class again soon, at the upcoming:


Thursday December 1, 6-9pm
at 401 Richmond St West


CHANGE OF SEASONS by Geneviève Jodouin (our amazing instructor)
Friday November 25, 8pm
Freedom Clothing Collective
939 Bloor Street West 


(Not a part of it, but just spreading the word!)

Below is what I 'barely' finished tonight! :)

ps: Can anybody recommend me where I can pick up affordable art frames? Like vintage ones perhaps...