New Illustrations for Puma! / by Shingo Shimizu

Just came off a big wave of busy: completed work on some pit crew illustrations for Puma (displayed right now at SportChek), wrapped up the first issue of Scion Canada Lifestyle magazine, and was involved in an awesome creative pitch for Scotiabank.

Also some of you may know, I was on a search for the next shared studio space. After a month of searching and stressing out, I finally found the perfect space! Just waiting for the keys…

For the time being, I’ve moved all of my old studio belongings and furniture to my home, and it’s forced me to purge (craigslist, donating, etc.) a lot of records, books, awkward photographs, and old technologies (cassette tapes, vhs player and tapes). Anybody need a VHS player or looking for “Enter the Dragon” or “Leon” (the Professional) on VHS? Anyhow, for those who are pack rats living in small space like me, I highly recommend you trim your “fat” (junk), or it will weigh you down. Trust me. You'll feel instantly better, and have more space ready for new beautiful junk. Maybe I'm just feeling ancient lately. I need to join a gym!

See below for the new illustrations for Puma at SportChek, and placed in the final layout (put together by Matt Bilewicz). More on Scion and Scotiabank soon!



Below: SportCheck (Yonge & Queen St. W)

Play the 'Puma Motor Sport Bingo' game here!